2 Overview of the Secure Receipt Wallet Platform

2 Overview of the Secure Receipt Wallet Platform

The Secure Receipt Wallet is an end-to-end encrypted receipt smartization & digitization, loyalty management and marketing platform which encompass the following products and components:

1. Point of Sale (POS) Software Development Kits (SDKs): The tools and software libraries installed on a POS system that facilitate the transfer of receipt data from POS systems to receipt recipients. These libraries can be called into by existing POS systems as an alternate mechanism of issuing receipts to receipt recipients and are the necessary components to facilitate “integration” for existing or new POS systems. Through the transfer process, the Secure Receipt Wallet platform uses cryptographic methods to digitally sign the receipts by both issuers and recipients whilst anonymously “marking” transactions for issuers in such a way that recipients will remain anonymous to issuers, to Secure Receipt Wallet and to any likely attacker. The transaction marking process ensures that the same recipient always marks transactions for the same receipt issuer using the same transaction marker, enabling receipt issuers to dice and slice their version of anonymous receipts and extract important intelligence out of their sales data. For this goal to be achieved, these SDKs also upload an end-to-end-encrypted anonymously signed and marked copy of issuer’s receipts to the issuer’s secure cloud-based receipt wallet (as part of Receipt Issuer’s Portal).

2. Application Programming Interfaces (APIs): Publicly or privately available back-ends providing functionality for end user or POS station registration or transfer of data between POS stations and recipients or saving end-to-end-encrypted receipt data in the cloud.

3. Secure Receipt Wallet mobile apps: Software systems that a receipt recipient may use to receive receipts from receipt issuers using the Secure Receipt Transfer protocol

4. Real-time communication back-end: Cloud-based components that provide facilities for POS stations and mobile applications to communicate through the Internet network

5. Receipt Issuer’s Portal (issuers.securereceiptwallet.com.au) A single-page web-based application utilizing client-side logic to provide billing and account management, business intelligence and reporting features to analyse sales data, and design loyalty management and marketing campaigns, all based on the premise that Secure Receipt Wallet will not have any access to their privately-encrypted receipt data.

6. Developer’s Portal (developers.securereceiptwallet.com.au) A single-page web-based application facilitating the issuance of API keys for developers, as well as providing insights and statistics on API usage.

2.1 Data Flow View

Figure 1 illustrates a data flow view in Secure Receipt Wallet platform.

Figure 1. Data flow in Secure Receipt Wallet platform